EPS 100

What is your expectations in this course EPS 100?

My expectations of the program is to help me become a better educator in classroom. How to deal with issues that may come up in the classroom. How to communicate with students in teaching different subjects. How to organize your subjects in a timely manner so that you will be able to prepare yourself to be a better teacher. How to use resources to present your courses in classroom. I hope that this program will help me become a better teacher and a better student. As I believe that you have to know what is it your teaching, and what resources you have to have in order to answer questions that may arise from your students. I hope that this will help me teach students as best as I can. I look forward to a new year of courses that will be taught to me, so that I can be a better teacher to others.


Gjoa Haven and Me.

Gjoa Haven 4

 Gjoa Havenis a Inuit community of 1500 people located above the Arctic Circle on King William Island. During the spring and summer season we have 24 hour daylights and the darkest day is in December during the winter season. The temperature can fall as low as – 60 with wind-chill in the winter season.  With wind-chill as low as -60 in the winter, they close both public schools, as the bus is unable to start its engine in this temperature at times.I like the close knit family and the traditional activities that happen throughout each year. They are family activities in the spring time during the Qarvarvik Carnival, Christmas season, Canada Day. They hold activities like dog team races, igloo building contest, fishing derby, ice chiseling, and different relay races held. Events like these are to help the younger generation understand some traditional ways our ancestor knew.

Our community gets together to help other members in need. They help each other when some people need assistance from the Search and Rescue committee, or when they are fund raising for families in need of compassionate/bereavement travel to other community. They help our youth go on camping trips, and teach them how to survive in the north. They give them knowledge of what our elders know about survival in the cold harsh north, to pass on our traditional knowledge to the younger generation.

Gjoa Haven is a very beautiful place to visit during the spring and summer season. During the spring season you will be able to do different things, like fishing for char, trout, or cod. Hunting for geese, loons and a chance to get eggs. Hunting seals for their deliciouse seal meat, we go Caribou hunting to make dry meat and for the warm hides for clothing from caribou skin.

Summary Assignment 7

In your WordPress Blog write a brief paragraph for each of these blog posts. Each paragraph should have a title that is linked to the respective blog post. In your paragraph you should mention the type of blog post that is being represented: journal entry / personal reflection, documentary or social commentary. You should briefly describe what is being discussed and outline some features that make the blog unique.

10 years after 9/11 by Sehar


The above is like a personal reflection about 911 and the effects it has on America and Muslims. It was a tragedy that was so unbeliveable that even northerns were so sad. Sehar commented about how Americans changed their attitude towards Muslims. They wanted to blame all muslims for their tragedy that day.  How Firefighters and citizens worked togeather that day. And when Sehar went back to Pakistan how she thought about the two different countries and how they deal with dramatic situations. In the world we are still dealing with incidents that are effected by Suicide Bombers today. I pray that they will be no incident with Bombs around the world.

Advise for New Girls.


Advise for New Girls is a Personal Journal Entry about the experience a mother has with her first collage school years. She is trying to give as much advise to her daughter or any girls that are starting their college years away from home.  This can be good advise for some girls, and at the same time it can be offensive to other mothers. As some one can have a child that is geeky and may be somewhat offended by some of the remarks this mother had.

Baby No more.


This is a personal reflection of her two year old daughter who is celebrating her 2nd birthday party, and is enrolled in a daycare/preschool at such a young age. Josephine is a baby and yet talks about her time being a baby. “when I was a baby”.  Oh How times flies when you have babies. They are so sweet and innocent. So carefree and can say the darnest things in the world. I myself have little grandchildren, they are so cute. They are growing up tooo fast. I have one grandson who will be turning two in the new year, and he can talk bits of pieces of words. It is a wonderful world when you have babies in your life. You are so amazed by what they can do. Its so beautiful world we live in when it includes babies, we can watch grow up.

Another Gorilla died at Mont Tshiaberimu.


This is a personal reflective documentary story of a Gorilla that fell into a gully in Miambo and passed on after days of laying there paralyzed and nothing to eat or drink. Normally he would have a companion that lost his father to death few months back. The gorillas name is Kanindo, he had a little companion who eventually wondered off and thats when they noticed he is not with Kanindo. Kanindo was eventually found laying there, they were not able to move him or transport him, so they got the vets to come to the location and try to save him. He was treated on the spot but was unable to survive as it was like 3 – 4 days laying their all alone. It is a sad story as Gorillas are so close to the human beings. It was a sad story as it would have been hard and scarey to be all alone in the jungle and left all alone for days. Poor Mukukya is left alone again after losing his father to death he became companions with Kanindo. Now he is left all alone again. It is sad story.

Rememberance Day.

The remembrance Day is a holiday to remember the soldiers that fought in the World War 1 and World War 2. The soldiers that were in both World Wars were there to protect their countries and families. They are not only soldiers that we should remember, we should also remember the nurse and doctors that were there during the wars to help and save the soldiers that were injured or hurt during the wars. We should also remember families and friends that were effected by the wars.  We should also remember the presidents and prime ministers of countries that were part of the wars, as they were also the people that hold high power’s to the country they represented. The decisions that they make affected the countries families and friends. The World Wars affected a lot of people world wide, as a lot of the countries band together to fight in Vietnam and in Germany. The most people that were hurt by the wars were mainly the Jewish, as a lot of the Jewish people were killed in millions by the late Hitler and his government.  The red ribbon that represents those lives that were lost in the world war is used world wide to remember those that lost their lives in the world wars. It is in November 11 of each year is a day to remember all veterans and soldiers or people that lost their lives in the wars. The world wars have changed a lot of life and ways of living for those that were most effected by the war. remembrance Day is to remember those that fought by air or sea and land. Please remember to take the time to be part of remembering those that lost their lives in saving our beautiful country tomorrow and each anniversary that comes every year.

Through these eyes.

Through these eyes.http://www.nfb.ca/film/through_these_eyes

1.What do you feel is the main theme of this documentary?

I think that the main theme of this documentary is that TODAY vs PAST, knowledge of education. How the southern schools feel that the Netsilik Series was to dramatic for students. As alot of students then were not custom to other country beliefs and culture, and how to survive in what ever environment you are living in. And how today our inuit elderly dont understand why there is alot of social problems when today we live in a more modern world. More advanced techonology and different materials to teach, access to internet. Why do we have the ability to live a better life, but then today we have more social problems, and issues then when we used to live in isolation from the world. It is a political educational problem for all races, except the inuit would have more knowledge of what we lived like at one point in our ancestors lives. It would probably be of no value to our future generations in like 20 years time. What if We live a life like an american one day with all the new techonology that are being built and used today. Maybe my future generation will be like oh is that what we lived like.

2. Do you feel a connetion to the characters depicted in the film? Why?

I feel with the characters in some way. Will I agree with what Berthalemew and Sidonie commented about todays life vs the past netsilik life. They also make a good point in how the southern kablunaks feel about the netsilik families life and ways will and can affect a student, or be traumatized by the actions of netsilik way of daily life. The kablunaks feel that this is corrupted their society, and yet if Inuit try and mention how the new technologys and the ways a Kablunak lifes. if inuits try and make comments about how today society is hurting our inuit youth. How our youth have lost the traditional values and knowledge of our ancestors.

3. Being caught in between two worlds is a common theme when discussing Nunavut and the loss of traditional culture. Please reflect on this.

I think that today we live a alife of a southern family, as all across canada and there are public services, available like social services, rcmp, womens shelter, these organizations all have guidelines to follow that is effecting inuit families in some nunavut communities, for examply the families in the north are not custom to the ways social problems are dealt with. While in the past when a family is have problems they would band togeather and try and help families have a better future. In todays society, the youth are more advanced in technology then some of our elders. so there is a misunderstanding of some topics. and way of living. I think that today youth will not be able to survive in the north if they had no choice but to try and survive. But then the youth can also advance and travel the world be what ever they want to be in life today. If they want to be whatever they want to be.

Economic crisis on Greece.

Greece backs off referendum

Greece crisis could have indirect

I feel that the Economic Crisis in Greece, will effect the world. (financial) As some of the Governments and in other counties including Canada have probably trades with things like Oil, Lumber, clothing with Greece. If the Greece economy goes downhill. this can effect canadians as maybe we have canadians working in Greece in the Canadian Embassy. Maybe we have Canadian companies have jobs or have to work in Greece to help canadians work together. This may also cause canadians to lose jobs. Maybe canadians have banks in greece and have workers posted there. What if these organizations that are linked to Canadian are closed or shut down. This can also effect our economy. What if our parliament has borrowed money from Greece and maybe they have or may not be able to have access to getting the loan back or partially lose on the money. What if this will effect our Nunavut Government and programs that are being used now. What if they are not able to be used as Our canadian economy can also be effected as the Greece economy is in crisis.  What of all the crisis in the world be effected as Greece goes down and carries all the rest of the Government in the world to follow behind greece. I think that this will effect all Nunavut residence too in housing, social, and job wise. As what if the Canadian Government backs off on all previouse bill passes as the economy goes down as Greece does. What if what we have now and all the things that may be available in our future are taken away because of the economy in Greece. As our government may have ties with the Greece Government. And the canadian government goes down will also effect our Nunavut Government.

Gjoa Haven Ning com

1.)Why does the author of the article feel that the blogs are beneficial to education?

The author feels that the blogs are beneficial to be used for educational purposes, as the program is user-friendly technology, highly motivational to students, excellent opprotunities for students, effective forums, and powerful tools to enable and edit your programs.

2.) Based on the article, what do you feel is the most important feature of blogs in making them beneficial to a students education?

I feel that the most important feature of blogs is how you can have Classroom management, Student Collaborations, Classroom Discussion, and have student portfollio.  You can have access to classroom discussion on certain subjects and topics, voice your concern and make suggestions.



Use Inuktitut Language or Lose it!

Use Inuktitut Language or Lose It!

The story is about the Inuktitut language that the Inuits have in the Northern canada. The Inuit Tapiritsat of Canada held a conference in Ottawa and one of the concerns was that we are losing our Inuktitut language. The concerns is that the inuit should encourage the use of Inuktitut language more often, so that we can keep our first language for genereations to come.

I feel that I am losing our inuktitut language, and the meanings for each inuktitut word. We as Inuit living in the North, with limited access to materials in our language, I find it hard to advance more in our inuktitut knowledge, and unable to pass on to our future generations. Alot of the new techonology are in the English language, and it is hard to translate or interpete them into a language Inuits are familiar with, so therefore it is hard to hold onto our inuktitut language. I feel that more inuktitut resources should be readily available for anyone to get, in order to help keep our language alive. Speak in Inuktitut at all times to your family and friends. They can pick the language from you.

Expectations for EDMS 200

My expectations for this course, is to have better knowledge in finding materials to work with for students in between the K-6. I would like to learn to search for materials that are not readily available for people in Nunavut. I would also like to learn to do web pages, as this may help me in the future, as a teacher. I would like to share my knowledge with other students and teachers in giving better materials to teach, i feel that the nunavut students are behind in some of the materials, as we are unable to have access to a libary for researching any subjects, especially in our language which is Inuktitut, as so many materials are not in our first language, i would like to learn to teach most of the materials in Inuktitut.

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