Gjoa Haven and Me.

Gjoa Haven 4

 Gjoa Havenis a Inuit community of 1500 people located above the Arctic Circle on King William Island. During the spring and summer season we have 24 hour daylights and the darkest day is in December during the winter season. The temperature can fall as low as – 60 with wind-chill in the winter season.  With wind-chill as low as -60 in the winter, they close both public schools, as the bus is unable to start its engine in this temperature at times.I like the close knit family and the traditional activities that happen throughout each year. They are family activities in the spring time during the Qarvarvik Carnival, Christmas season, Canada Day. They hold activities like dog team races, igloo building contest, fishing derby, ice chiseling, and different relay races held. Events like these are to help the younger generation understand some traditional ways our ancestor knew.

Our community gets together to help other members in need. They help each other when some people need assistance from the Search and Rescue committee, or when they are fund raising for families in need of compassionate/bereavement travel to other community. They help our youth go on camping trips, and teach them how to survive in the north. They give them knowledge of what our elders know about survival in the cold harsh north, to pass on our traditional knowledge to the younger generation.

Gjoa Haven is a very beautiful place to visit during the spring and summer season. During the spring season you will be able to do different things, like fishing for char, trout, or cod. Hunting for geese, loons and a chance to get eggs. Hunting seals for their deliciouse seal meat, we go Caribou hunting to make dry meat and for the warm hides for clothing from caribou skin.


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