Summary Assignment 7

In your WordPress Blog write a brief paragraph for each of these blog posts. Each paragraph should have a title that is linked to the respective blog post. In your paragraph you should mention the type of blog post that is being represented: journal entry / personal reflection, documentary or social commentary. You should briefly describe what is being discussed and outline some features that make the blog unique.

10 years after 9/11 by Sehar

The above is like a personal reflection about 911 and the effects it has on America and Muslims. It was a tragedy that was so unbeliveable that even northerns were so sad. Sehar commented about how Americans changed their attitude towards Muslims. They wanted to blame all muslims for their tragedy that day.  How Firefighters and citizens worked togeather that day. And when Sehar went back to Pakistan how she thought about the two different countries and how they deal with dramatic situations. In the world we are still dealing with incidents that are effected by Suicide Bombers today. I pray that they will be no incident with Bombs around the world.

Advise for New Girls.

Advise for New Girls is a Personal Journal Entry about the experience a mother has with her first collage school years. She is trying to give as much advise to her daughter or any girls that are starting their college years away from home.  This can be good advise for some girls, and at the same time it can be offensive to other mothers. As some one can have a child that is geeky and may be somewhat offended by some of the remarks this mother had.

Baby No more.

This is a personal reflection of her two year old daughter who is celebrating her 2nd birthday party, and is enrolled in a daycare/preschool at such a young age. Josephine is a baby and yet talks about her time being a baby. “when I was a baby”.  Oh How times flies when you have babies. They are so sweet and innocent. So carefree and can say the darnest things in the world. I myself have little grandchildren, they are so cute. They are growing up tooo fast. I have one grandson who will be turning two in the new year, and he can talk bits of pieces of words. It is a wonderful world when you have babies in your life. You are so amazed by what they can do. Its so beautiful world we live in when it includes babies, we can watch grow up.

Another Gorilla died at Mont Tshiaberimu.

This is a personal reflective documentary story of a Gorilla that fell into a gully in Miambo and passed on after days of laying there paralyzed and nothing to eat or drink. Normally he would have a companion that lost his father to death few months back. The gorillas name is Kanindo, he had a little companion who eventually wondered off and thats when they noticed he is not with Kanindo. Kanindo was eventually found laying there, they were not able to move him or transport him, so they got the vets to come to the location and try to save him. He was treated on the spot but was unable to survive as it was like 3 – 4 days laying their all alone. It is a sad story as Gorillas are so close to the human beings. It was a sad story as it would have been hard and scarey to be all alone in the jungle and left all alone for days. Poor Mukukya is left alone again after losing his father to death he became companions with Kanindo. Now he is left all alone again. It is sad story.


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