Rememberance Day.

The remembrance Day is a holiday to remember the soldiers that fought in the World War 1 and World War 2. The soldiers that were in both World Wars were there to protect their countries and families. They are not only soldiers that we should remember, we should also remember the nurse and doctors that were there during the wars to help and save the soldiers that were injured or hurt during the wars. We should also remember families and friends that were effected by the wars.  We should also remember the presidents and prime ministers of countries that were part of the wars, as they were also the people that hold high power’s to the country they represented. The decisions that they make affected the countries families and friends. The World Wars affected a lot of people world wide, as a lot of the countries band together to fight in Vietnam and in Germany. The most people that were hurt by the wars were mainly the Jewish, as a lot of the Jewish people were killed in millions by the late Hitler and his government.  The red ribbon that represents those lives that were lost in the world war is used world wide to remember those that lost their lives in the world wars. It is in November 11 of each year is a day to remember all veterans and soldiers or people that lost their lives in the wars. The world wars have changed a lot of life and ways of living for those that were most effected by the war. remembrance Day is to remember those that fought by air or sea and land. Please remember to take the time to be part of remembering those that lost their lives in saving our beautiful country tomorrow and each anniversary that comes every year.


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