Through these eyes.

Through these eyes.

1.What do you feel is the main theme of this documentary?

I think that the main theme of this documentary is that TODAY vs PAST, knowledge of education. How the southern schools feel that the Netsilik Series was to dramatic for students. As alot of students then were not custom to other country beliefs and culture, and how to survive in what ever environment you are living in. And how today our inuit elderly dont understand why there is alot of social problems when today we live in a more modern world. More advanced techonology and different materials to teach, access to internet. Why do we have the ability to live a better life, but then today we have more social problems, and issues then when we used to live in isolation from the world. It is a political educational problem for all races, except the inuit would have more knowledge of what we lived like at one point in our ancestors lives. It would probably be of no value to our future generations in like 20 years time. What if We live a life like an american one day with all the new techonology that are being built and used today. Maybe my future generation will be like oh is that what we lived like.

2. Do you feel a connetion to the characters depicted in the film? Why?

I feel with the characters in some way. Will I agree with what Berthalemew and Sidonie commented about todays life vs the past netsilik life. They also make a good point in how the southern kablunaks feel about the netsilik families life and ways will and can affect a student, or be traumatized by the actions of netsilik way of daily life. The kablunaks feel that this is corrupted their society, and yet if Inuit try and mention how the new technologys and the ways a Kablunak lifes. if inuits try and make comments about how today society is hurting our inuit youth. How our youth have lost the traditional values and knowledge of our ancestors.

3. Being caught in between two worlds is a common theme when discussing Nunavut and the loss of traditional culture. Please reflect on this.

I think that today we live a alife of a southern family, as all across canada and there are public services, available like social services, rcmp, womens shelter, these organizations all have guidelines to follow that is effecting inuit families in some nunavut communities, for examply the families in the north are not custom to the ways social problems are dealt with. While in the past when a family is have problems they would band togeather and try and help families have a better future. In todays society, the youth are more advanced in technology then some of our elders. so there is a misunderstanding of some topics. and way of living. I think that today youth will not be able to survive in the north if they had no choice but to try and survive. But then the youth can also advance and travel the world be what ever they want to be in life today. If they want to be whatever they want to be.


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