Economic crisis on Greece.

Greece backs off referendum

Greece crisis could have indirect

I feel that the Economic Crisis in Greece, will effect the world. (financial) As some of the Governments and in other counties including Canada have probably trades with things like Oil, Lumber, clothing with Greece. If the Greece economy goes downhill. this can effect canadians as maybe we have canadians working in Greece in the Canadian Embassy. Maybe we have Canadian companies have jobs or have to work in Greece to help canadians work together. This may also cause canadians to lose jobs. Maybe canadians have banks in greece and have workers posted there. What if these organizations that are linked to Canadian are closed or shut down. This can also effect our economy. What if our parliament has borrowed money from Greece and maybe they have or may not be able to have access to getting the loan back or partially lose on the money. What if this will effect our Nunavut Government and programs that are being used now. What if they are not able to be used as Our canadian economy can also be effected as the Greece economy is in crisis.  What of all the crisis in the world be effected as Greece goes down and carries all the rest of the Government in the world to follow behind greece. I think that this will effect all Nunavut residence too in housing, social, and job wise. As what if the Canadian Government backs off on all previouse bill passes as the economy goes down as Greece does. What if what we have now and all the things that may be available in our future are taken away because of the economy in Greece. As our government may have ties with the Greece Government. And the canadian government goes down will also effect our Nunavut Government.


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