Use Inuktitut Language or Lose it!

Use Inuktitut Language or Lose It!

The story is about the Inuktitut language that the Inuits have in the Northern canada. The Inuit Tapiritsat of Canada held a conference in Ottawa and one of the concerns was that we are losing our Inuktitut language. The concerns is that the inuit should encourage the use of Inuktitut language more often, so that we can keep our first language for genereations to come.

I feel that I am losing our inuktitut language, and the meanings for each inuktitut word. We as Inuit living in the North, with limited access to materials in our language, I find it hard to advance more in our inuktitut knowledge, and unable to pass on to our future generations. Alot of the new techonology are in the English language, and it is hard to translate or interpete them into a language Inuits are familiar with, so therefore it is hard to hold onto our inuktitut language. I feel that more inuktitut resources should be readily available for anyone to get, in order to help keep our language alive. Speak in Inuktitut at all times to your family and friends. They can pick the language from you.


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